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Python is an high level programing language. It was created by Quido van Rossum in 1991. Its philosophy its find an easy legibility and syntax; it allows to express concepts with less code lines than in others languages like C. One of the most relevant feature is that Python uses typesetting instead of markers like { } (used in others programing languages like C o Java). For more information access to de Python Software Foundation web page.

Concepts Edit

Python module Edit

Python module is a file to put definitions, functions and statements and use them in a script or in an interactive instance of the interpreter. Definitions from the module can be imported in to other modules or into main module. The user can create his own modules using his favorite text editor whit the suffix .py.

Python function Edit

A function in python is a block of organized and reusable code that is used to perform a single or related actions. It provides better modularity for the applications and a high degree of code reusing.

Byte alignation Edit

Python does not let work directly on bit level when writing and reading files. All values are written in Bytes, therefore this would generate a lot of useless extra bits. We solved the problem using a BitStream buffer which was dumped into a file everytime a certain number of bytes were added and leaving the residual bits for later. The description of the methods used for this are part of the UtilFunctions explanation of the functions fwrite, fread, openStream and flushStream).